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My Offerings

  • Graphic Design



    With more than 20 years personal experience and 10 years agency experience in pre-press print production and graphic design, I labour to solve a client's unique print communication needs in a collaborative environment with an art director and account manager or autonomously on my own.



    The graphic designer of today must have a wide range of tools in their tool chest. My software knowledge and expertise includes the entire Adobe Creative Suite with particular emphasis on Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and Flash development, including Microsoft PowerPoint for presentation, 3ds Max for 3D animaiton and a host of minor apps too long to list here.

  • Web Design


    Web Design & Joomla Deployment

    Although Adobe Dreamweaver has become the defacto standard software for traditional web design, online CMS (Content Management System) such as Joomla are becoming wide-spread and common. More and more clients are demanding control over their website maintenance and Joomla, WordPress and Drupal are outstanding tools to use.


    Front End Web Design

    The list of skills necessary for front end web design are exhaustive. It is nearly impossible for one person to master all of them. Therefore, I concentrate on a core set of skills that enable me to perform nearly every front end web design task. HTML, XML, DHTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Joomla, Flash and a dash of style.

  • Digital Art


    Professional Artwork

    Logo design, photo manipulation and original artwork are all part and parcel of the work I've performed for clients. From tweaking already existing artwork to original product visualizations, I work autonomously or in concert with art directors, clients and design teams.


    Hobbyist & Enthousiast

    When I started doing digital art, there were no schools offering programs in the field. I am completely self taught. Armed with Photoshop, Illustrator, 3ds Max, Poser, Vue Xtreme, Blender 3D, Google Sketch and my trusty Wacom tablet, I wile my free hours away pushing pixels and vertices until my wife screams at me to get off the computer.

  • Training


    Software Instruction

    I have been teaching software to adults in the continuing education department at Dawson college and briefly at Champlain college since 1994. I have taught the following software at the beginner, intermediate and advanced levels: Quark Xpress, Microsoft Word - PowerPoint - Excel - Access, Adobe Photoshop - Illustrator - InDesign, Autodesk 3ds Max - Maya.



    Online tutorials come and go. So, I've taken the liberty of recreating some of my favourite tutorials I have found useful over the years. They are created in my teaching style and are generally meant for the beginner to intermediate level. Feel free to browse and use at your leisure.

  • Copywriting


    Professional Copywriting

    I have 5 years experience writing copy for web based projects. I have a solid background in marketing language with an emphasis in the healthcare/pharmaceutical industry.


    Writing philosophy

    I believe in using the fewest words possible while employing the simplest terms to facilitate the customer's awareness of the product. In other words, the faster you tell your story, the easier it is to keep top of mind and the quicker a decision is reached.

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Home Gallery

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Home Gallery

Home gallery is an abridged selection of my various works. In the 8 tiles displayed you will find a variety of my artwork, both professional, conceptual and hobby-related. Not all the works you see here are necessarily the most recent work. The intention is to display a broad spectrum of stuff I've done.

What's this cool effect

The module you are currently tooling around with is a javascript solution for being able to display related content in a box. Rather than scrolling down to find this text further down the page, a slider animation is used to scroll from one page to the next. In other words, instead of clicking and dragging a scroll bar on the side of the browser you simply click the more button.

Free texture of the month. Stone wall seamless textures

  • .jpg format
  • 5 textures in zip file
  • can be used in any 3D app that accepts .jpg.


Free model of the month. Curtiss P40 Warhawk. Available as a:

  • 3ds Max 2013 Scene file,
  • obj &
  • 3DS


High school athletics logo

A new private school Westbrook H.S. located in Lethbridge Alberta posted a competition on to create the branding for their athletics program, and mine was the winning design.

The only thing the client had was the name "Lions" and the color scheme. They requested the imagery to be aggressive with the ability to be used with all their athletic teams. Sadly, low enrollment and the loss of key financial backing the school never opened its doors. Although I was paid for the original artwork I lost a lot of business in residual designs. Such is the life of a freelance artist.

Joomla web deployment

Textile Artcraft a Montreal based large format printing company commissioned me to create their online ecommerce web site called Flagtech with the ability to modify products and prices themselves. I selected Joomla as the preferred CMS including Volusion as the shopping cart supplier and beanstream as the payment gateway. The job services provided stemmed from concept design and copy writing to technical integration of the shopping cart. All the technology in the web site is off the shelf and much of it free. I delivered a professional website for a fraction of the cost. Joomla rocks!

Interior design visualization

A client desired to see a detailed concept before work started on the remodeling of this kitchen in 2009.

Since quotes averaged at around $25,000 the client wanted to be absolutely sure of the look of the final outcome. Using 3ds Max 2009, actual scans of the tiles as textures and online images for references of the appliances I created this look which came to represent 90% of the final result. Ok, the client was my wife and I was the contractor. I did all the work myself with some help from my brother in-law. Recycling as much of the old cabinetry as possible I managed to get this job in under $7,000. But, hey I'm not here selling myself as a renovator, click on the image for a larger look.

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